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  ROS Primer and Field Guide

facilities icon Facilities and Site Management

This indicator refers to the level of site development. A lack of facilities and site modifications can enhance feelings of self-reliance and independence, and can provide experiences with a high degree of naturalness. Highly developed facilities can add feelings of comfort and convenience, and increase opportunities for socializing.

No facilities for user comfort. Rustic and rudimentary ones for site protection only. Use undimensioned native materials only. Rustic and rudimentary facilities primarily for site protection. No evidence of synthetic materials. Use undimensioned native materials. Rustic facilities providing some confort for the user as well as site protection. use native materials but with more refinement in design. Synthetic materials should not be evident. Some facilities designed primarily for user comfort and convenience. Some synthetic but harmonious materials may be incorporated. Design may be more complex and refined. Facilities mostly designed for user comfort and convenience. Synthetic materials are commonly used. Facility design may be highly complex and refined but in harmony or complimentary to the site.
Primitive Norm Incon. Unacceptable Unacceptable Unacceptable
Semi-Primitive Non-Motorized Compatible Norm Incon. Unacceptable Unacceptable
Semi-Primitive Motorized Compatible Norm Incon. Unacceptable Unacceptable
Roaded Natural Compatible Compatible Norm Incon. Unacceptable
Rural Compatible Compatible Compatible Norm Incon.
Urban Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible Norm

photograph: a rustic bridge

This rustic bridge is constructed of only natural undimensioned materials appropriate for Semi-Primitive settings.

photograph: a simple wooden bridge

This simple rustic bridge is made of natural, but dimensioned, materials appropriate for a Roaded Natural setting.

photograph: a classy wooden bridge

This bridge is more complex in design and made of more refined materials appropriate for Rural settings.

photograph: a large, modern building

Urban facilities such as the Portage Glacier Visitor Center may be appropriate nodes in such settings as Roaded Natural or Rural as long as they do not adversely affect the desired experiences in those settings surrounding the facility.

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